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Swarm combines the power of AI with the wisdom of human groups,
quickly generating optimized insights, forecasts and assessments.

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Swarm is an AI-powered collaboration platform that uses the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence to amplify the wisdom of any online team or group, quickly enabling more accurate forecasts, estimations, insights and evaluations.

Swarm is accessible from any desktop or mobile device using standard web browsers. With a quick link, you can invite your team into Swarm and get started in minutes.

Our data analysis and visualization tools allow you to quickly assess every insight generated. With a few clicks you can produce presentation-friendly charts.

Man using Swarm on a computer

For Business Teams

Swarm amplifies the combined knowledge and wisdom of any business team, enabling you to quickly generate optimized forecasts, decisions, prioritizations, and assessments.

  • More Accurate Forecasting
  • Optimized Prioritization
  • Precise Assessments
  • Rigorous Trade-off Analysis
  • Refined Scheduling
  • Amplified Predictive Intelligence


For Market Researchers

Swarm combines the power of AI with the depth of real-time customer feedback, providing more accurate and actionable insights than traditional methods in a fraction of the time.

  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Product Evaluations
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Message Testing
  • Ad Testing
  • Feature Analysis


Swarm is Fast and Flexible

When using Swarm, groups answer questions by collaboratively moving a graphical puck until they converge on solutions that maximizes their combined intelligence. As shown below, each participant influences the motion of the puck using an intuitive animated magnet, pulling with all the other participants in real-time. Swarm AI algorithms process the changing behaviors of the participants and help guide the puck to an optimized answer.

Swarm marketing



Swarm Analytics


Swarm provides extensive visualization and analysis tools that allow users to quickly review the results and deeply understand why participants converged on the solutions they did. Click the button below to see some of our most popular analytics features.

Swarm Analytics

Swarm AI technology


Swarm AI is an award-winning technology that amplifies the intelligence of networked human groups, enabling deeper insights and more accurate decisions by leveraging the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence. To learn more, click the button below.

How does Swarm AI work?

Intelligence Services


Swarm Insight is a full service solution for organization that need market intelligence from human groups but don’t have an internal team to dedicate to fielding the participants and conducting sessions. Our solution is faster, more affordable, and provides deeper insights than traditional research methods. For more details, click the button below.

Swarm Insight Services

Have Questions?


We can set up complimentary demo sessions to walk you through the features and benefits of Swarm. If you are looking for more assistance, we can help with all aspects of the process from Participant Recruiting to Full-service Research.

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Used By

Some customers that use Swarm, including Stanford, Deloitte, Constellation Brands, FritoLay, Edelman, the Miami Heat, WPP, Red Bull Media House, America's Navy, Xprize, Boeing, the University of Oxford, CredtSuisse, and CNN

Radiologist Studies XRay

By leveraging the Unanimous AI Swarm Platform, radiologists were significantly more accurate together than when working alone while diagnosing pneumonia from x-ray images. Diagnosis errors were reduced by 33% and results were 22% more accurate than a state-of-the-art software-only solution that only leveraged deep learning.

Image of a Helicopter

Using Swarm AI, a group of helicopter pilots continuously weighed their personal confidence and preferences on various design options. They converged on solutions that reflected the collective will of the group, tuned by each individual’s level of confidence. At the conclusion of the event, all pilots (100%) agreed their swarm workload and usability ratings were the most realistic.

Credit Suise

At the Asian Investment Conference, Credit Suisse used Swarm AI to forecast financial performance in the upcoming year, with a focus on Asian markets. The swarming session was led by a moderator from Unanimous AI and tapped the knowledge, wisdom, and insights of a group of expert investors attending the Asian Investment Conference.