An AI-powered platform for Optimizing Group Priorities and Unlocking Group Insights.

MindMix Features:

  • Uses Swarm AI technology to empower groups to converge on optimized insights, evaluations, comparisons, and priorities, generating significantly more accurate and more informative intelligence than traditional methods.
  • Performs real-time Behavioral Analysis of dynamic groups, evaluating each participant’s subjective conviction relative to the full population, a process impossible with surveys.
  • Can be used Asynchronously – unlike other Swarm AI systems, participants do not need to join simultaneously. This means MindMix can be deployed with the flexibility of surveys and the insight power of interactive swarms.
  • Can be used on Desktops, Laptops, or Phones – depending on your application, the ideal platform might be our desktop interface with optimized prioritizations and insights along with real-time chat, or our streamlined phone app for rapid insights.
  • A Genuine Breakthrough – instead of requiring groups to interact in real-time swarms, we use AI Agents to represent prior participants, enabling each new user to ‘swarm’ with other people without needing to be there at the same time! (See GIF):  

MINDMIX (explainer)

Why MindMix?

There are two core methods for harnessing group insights:  simple statistical polls and interactive dynamic swarms. The use of swarms can generate significantly more accurate results but requires participants to engage synchronously as their interactive behaviors are used to evoke and accurately assess their relative levels of conviction. In the past, this has created a tradeoff between the superior accuracy of swarm and the easier logistics of surveys.

Best of Both Worlds:

A true breakthrough, MindMix leverages the power of swarms without requiring synchronous participation. It does this using innovative Artificial Agents that represent the behaviors of prior participants as new participants engage, thereby eliciting the same behavior dynamics that emerge in real-time swarms. This generates conviction data that is impossible to capture using standard votes, polls, or surveys, yielding significantly deeper and more accurate insights.

MindMix Beats Polls:

With MindMix, the results are more accurate than polling and just as easy to deploy. For details, see recent academic paper.

MindMix Video:

Why does MindMix use Comparative Rankings?

The Power of Rankings:

When collecting input from groups or teams, there are many types of questions researchers ask:  subjective ratings, comparative rankings, absolute assessments, subjective estimations, etc.  It turns out, humans are much better at comparing items than giving absolute ratings or assessments.  And comparative data across a group of individuals is significantly more consistent for use in aggregation.

We can prove this with a simple thought experiment.  Look outside and spot five trees. We could ask you to estimate the height of each one, but your data will be very noisy (erroneous).  Or we could ask you to rank them from tallest to shortest and your data is likely quite accurate.  And if we could also capture your real-time behaviors as you struggle with two trees that look similar in height, we could assess your relative conviction level for each of your rankings.  If we could then aggregate a large group, weighing each of their rankings input by their assessed conviction, our results would be extremely accurate.

This is what MindMix does.  It poses questions to groups of people as comparative rankings and then uses our powerful Artificial Agents to evoke real-time interactive behaviors that provide the system with rich relative conviction levels.  The results are significantly more accurate than traditional methods.

In fact, we compared traditional polling to MindMix in a peer reviewed study in which groups were asked rank sets of items using both methods.  When using MindMix the results were more than 8% more accurate (p<0.002). That’s a major improvement.

Analytics and Visualizations

MindMix Analytics

Powerful analytical tools allow researchers to explore the beliefs of participants at both individual and cohort levels to uncover deeper insights revealed through their interactions with MindMix and the input from other respondents.

MindMix analytics go beyond simple aggregation of sentiments.  MindMix provides measures of the swarm’s conviction in its choices and cohorts’ levels of entrenchment in their positions, while also revealing the group’s behavioral dynamics that resulted in optimized ordered list. Data and visualizations are processed in real-time and available immediately.

In addition, every question can be viewed and shared in ANIMATED REPLAY form, as shown below:

SAMPLE QUESTION: Rank these items by highest priority for the President and Congress to address this year:

MindMix Interface for Mobile Phones   

Want to learn more about Swarm AI technology? 

Great, please check out our case studies, our scientific publications, our popular TED TALK on Swarm AI, and other videos.  In addition, you can reach out to us directly and send us a note below:

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