DeepMind vs Sedol Viewing Party – Live Tonight!


Twenty years ago, Gary Kasparov played IBM’s Deep Blue in a historic match of Man vs Machine. While Kasparov won that match, Deep Blue defeated Kasparov in a rematch a year later, marking the first time a computer had beaten a man under tournament conditions.

Tonight is this generation’s version of Kasparov vs Deep Blue.

In one corner is AlphaGO AI, powered by DeepMind. In the other corner is Lee Sedol, one of the most decorated Go players in history. This historic matchup will be live-streamed across the world, but there’s no better place to watch the stream than in UNU.

That’s because UNU allows groups to do more than just chat as they watch the event – UNU empowers groups to tap their collective intelligence in real time to make predictions, answer questions, even crack jokes, all by pooling their knowledge, insights, an intuition.  Check it out…

[youtube id=”XK5FECFyPvM” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” parameters=”rel=0&showinfo=0&theme=light”]

Tonight, we’ll be streaming AlphaGo vs Sedol, live inside of UNU.  Come check it out – it’s fun, free, and totally anonymous.   Just click the button below…

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