NBA, NHL Swarms Start 2019 in Style with 15 to 1 Parlay

The first results from the 2019 NBA and NHL Swarms are in and they are every bit as promising as 2018’s. On the day before Dr. Louis Rosenberg presents the results of a long-term study of the NBA Swarm’s ability to beat Vegas at NBA forecasting, one confident member of the Swarm community decided to place a 6-team parlay comprising the highest confidence predictions from yesterday’s NHL and NBA swarms and was rewarded quite handsomely, as the $10 wager returned $146.14. Here again are the charts of the January 2nd NBA and NHL Swarms.

As you can see, both swarms sorted every prediction by confidence, a ranking made possible by the deep insight into each output generated by Swarm AI technology. With the NHL playing an abbreviated six-game schedule, this member of the Swarm community included the four highest confidence games, even though they were included in the recommended, but “Proceed with Caution” section of the NHL breakdown. Combining those four games alongside the Philadelphia and Boston predictions from the NBA Swarm produced this remarkable payout.
















This result reinforces the results that Dr. Rosenberg will be presenting at the CICN Conference in Hawaii tomorrow. In short, that study of 238 predictions over the course of an NBA season showed that the Swarm AI system was able to beat Vegas no matter what betting strategy was implemented, but that the best results were achieved by choosing to wager only on the highest confidence games. In that scenario, the more selective picks more than doubled the Return on Investment from 27% to 57%.

Similarly, the Football Swarm is sitting pretty after its ten prediction “AI Guide to the College Football Playoffs” picked both playoff games correctly and finished the weekend 7-3. Minus a disappointing performance by Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, it was another banner week for the swarm of football fans and enthusiasts. Follow the link above to see who the Football Swarm predicts will win between Alabama and Clemson in their historic meeting on January 7th.

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