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U.S. Patents Numbers (Unanimous AI) – 31 Issued Patents

12,001,667: Real-Time Collaborative Slider-Swarm with Deadbands for Amplified Collective Intelligence
11,949,638: Systems for Hyperchat Conversations among Large Networked Populations with Collective Intelligence Amplification
11,941,239: System and Method for Enhanced Collaborative Forecasting
11,769,164: Interactive Behavioral Polling for Amplified Group Intelligence
11,636,351: Amplifying Group Intelligence by Adaptive Population Optimization
11,360,656: Method and System for Amplifying Collective Intelligence Using a Networked Hyper-swarm
11,360,655: System and Method of non-linear probabilistic forecasting to foster amplified collective intelligence
11,269,502: Interactive behavioral polling and machine learning for amplification of group intelligence
11,151,460: Adaptive Population Optimization for Amplifying Intelligence of Crowds and Swarms
10,817,159: Non-linear Probabilistic wagering for Amplified Collective Intelligence
10,817,158: Method and System for a Parallel Distributed Hyper-swarm for Amplifying Human Intelligence
10,712,929: Adaptive confidence calibration for real-time swarm intelligence systems
10,656,807: Systems and methods for collaborative synchronous image selection
10,606,463: Intuitive Interfaces for Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence
10,606,464: Methods and Systems for Gaze Enabled Collaborative Intelligence
10,609,124: Dynamic Systems for Optimization of Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence
10,599,315: Methods and systems for real-time closed-loop collaborative intelligence
10,551,999: Multi-phase multi-group selection methods for real-time Collaborative Intelligence systems
10,353,551: Methods and systems for modifying user influence during a session of real-time collective intelligence system
10,439,836: Systems and methods for hybrid swarm intelligence
10,416,666: Methods and systems for collaborative control of a remote vehicle
10,310,802: System and Method for Moderating Real-Time Closed-Loop Collaborative Decisions on Mobile Devices
10,277,645: Suggestion and Background Modes for Real-time Collaborative Intelligence Systems
10,222,961: Methods for analyzing decisions made by real-time collective intelligence systems
10,133,460: Systems and methods for collaborative synchronous image selection
10,110,664: Dynamic Systems for Optimizations of Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence
10,122,775: Systems and Methods for Assessment of Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence
9,940,006: Intuitive Interfaces for Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence
9,959,028: Methods and Systems for Real-Time Closed-Loop Collaborative Intelligence

UK Patents (Unanimous AI) 

GB2561458: Methods and Systems for Enabling a Real-time Collaborative Intelligence
GB2601272: Method and System for Enabling a Credit Economy in a real-time Collaborative Intelligence


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Swarm®, Swarm AI®, Swarm Insight®

Thinkscape™,  MindMix™, HyperSwarm™, LiveSwarm™ 

Named Inventors:  Louis Rosenberg, Gregg Willcox, David Baltaxe