Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are very different from traditional organizations, empowering their members by eliminating hierarchy. Because DAOs have a flat, distributed structure, they have an urgent need for efficient, decentralized methods for group decision making. So it’s not surprising that DAOs have a keen interest in the power of Swarm AI.

Modeled on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence, the technology of Swarm AI works by connecting decentralized human groups into real-time systems that significantly amplify accuracy, speed, and satisfaction of group decisions.

Unlike traditional votes, polls, or surveys, which treat each person as an isolated source of opinion data for statistical aggregation, “swarming” treats the distributed group as real-time control system, enabling the all members to converge in unison on superior decisions, predictions, estimations, forecasts evaluations and assessments.

For a quick introduction, first view this 3 minute explainer video:


Swarm AI technology has been validated as a genuine breakthrough in decentralized decision-making. Over the last six years, dozens of academic studies have been published by researchers at major universities including Stanford, Oxford, MIT, Cambridge, California State University, Imperial College London, and others.  For example:

Researchers at MIT and Unanimous AI published an academic study demonstrating that groups of financial traders, when making decisions using Swarm AI software, amplified their forecasting accuracy by 36%.

Researchers at Stanford University and Unanimous AI published a set studies showing that groups of radiologists, when using ASI software, diagnosed chest X-rays with 33% fewer errors than standard method.

Researchers at California Polytechnic published a study showing that business teams could increase their decision-making accuracy by over 25% using Swarm AI.

Researchers at Oxford University and Unanimous AI showed that small groups of sports fans, when forecasting the outcome of English Premier soccer games, amplified their accuracy by over 30% by forming real-time swarms.

Researchers at Cambridge and Carnegie Mellon published a study showing that groups of traders outperform financial markets when forecasting volatile assets using swarms.

To make Swarm AI technology accessible to organizations around the world, Unanimous launched the Swarm software platform in 2018. Over the years since, it has been used by major corporations for making business decisions, financial forecasts, sales forecasts, engineering decisions, and countless other uses.  In the financial space, Swarm is currently used by hedge funds and commodities traders to optimize investments. Swarm is even used by the United Nations to forecast famines around the world.  More recently, Swarm has attracted the attention of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) as it provides significant improvement over traditional methods that do not leverage the power of real-time dynamic systems.

For a deeper explanation of Swarm AI technology and the Swarm software platform, please view the presentation below:


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