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Thinkscape™ enables groups of any size (50, 250, 2500…) to hold productive real-time conversations that optimize group insights and amplify collective intelligence


Conversational Deliberation is critical for groups to reach decisions, solve problems, evaluate options and share insights. Unfortunately, real-time dialog doesn’t scale across large groups, as conversational dynamics fall apart beyond 7 to 10 people.

Thinkscape solves this by enabling networked groups of any size to engage in real-time conversations that optimize insights and amplify intelligence. Powered by Swarm AI and validated by academic studies, Thinkscape makes groups smarter. 

Thinkscape Applications

Enterprise Collaboration: While many tools allow teams to share messages, only Thinkscape allows large groups to hold genuine conversations, facilitating real-time debates and discussions while optimizing insights and amplifying group intelligence.

Market Research: Thinkscape combines the deliberative power of small focus groups with the analytical power of large-scale polls. A single session can engage hundreds of people in real-time, producing deeper qualitative insights than focus groups AND more robust quantitative intelligence than polling.

Employee Intelligence: Companies often resort to impersonal surveys to collect input from their workforce. With Thinkscape, stakeholders can engage large teams in thoughtful discussions or brainstorms, while capturing opinions and optimizing insights.

Civic Engagement: a healthy society requires public input to understand their perspectives and concerns. Thinkscape enables civic organizations, community groups, and political leaders to hold real-time discussions with hundreds of people at once, surfacing their issues of concern and revealing the solutions they can best agree upon.

Why Conversational Intelligence?

Many minds are better than one. Research shows collective intelligence grows with group size. Research also shows that conversational deliberation is critical for groups to surface ideas, debate options, and solve complex problems. If only we could combine the power of collective intelligence with real conversations. 

Unfortunately, conversations degrade with groups larger than 7 to 10 people. That’s because turn-taking dynamics fall apart, providing less “airtime” per person and less ability to respond to others. In fact, putting 40 people in a chat-room or video conference would not yield a “conversation” but a stream of individual remarks.

So we invented Conversational Swarm Intelligence (CSI). It’s a new form of Swarm AI that splits large populations into small networked subgroups, each sized for thoughtful conversation, and uses AI Agents to propagate dialog across the full population in real-time. This combines the deliberative benefits of small-scale discourse with the collective intelligence benefits of large groups.

Conversational Collective Intelligence

Yes, it’s a bold concept – enabling hundreds, thousands, or millions of people to hold unified conversations that surface insights and converge on solutions. We’ve been pursuing this for nine years, making many important breakthroughs along the way.  We’ve now packaged our innovations into Thinkscape, an remarkable platform that will bring these capabilities to teams around the world.

Consider this experiment – we asked 240 people to estimate the number of gumballs in a jar. This is a classic test of collective intelligence. In our published study we compared four methods: (i) the average individual estimate, (ii) the mean of 240 surveys (also called Wisdom of Crowd), (iii) 240 people using Thinkscape, and (iv) we asked CHATGPT to make an estimate. So, who won?

Thinkscape vs ChatGPT

As shown above, Thinkscape produced the most accurate results, outperforming the average individual by 77% and the Wisdom of Crowds by 50%.  At the same, Thinkscape provided a wealth of qualitative insights, documenting the strategies people used to reach this solution. And most remarkable – the entire process in Thinkscape took less than five minutes!  

Now, consider this experiment – we asked groups of approximately 35 people to take IQ TESTS, either through a traditional survey or by forming a collective intelligence in Thinkscape. As shown in this recently published study, we compared three cases – the IQ of the average individual on the survey, the Wisdom of Crowd on the survey by taking the most popular answers for each question and scoring, and finally the real-time deliberation in Thinkscape.  

Collective Superintelligence amplifies the IQ of networked human groups

As shown in the results above, the average participant in the study scored an individual IQ of 100 (50th percentile) as is generally expected when administering an IQ test to a random population.  Thinkscape amplified the intelligence of this group to upper levels, achieving an IQ SCORE of 128 (97th percentile).  In addition, not a single participant in the study achieve an individual IQ score as high as the collective intelligence formed in Thinkscape (see full study here).

Analytics and Visualizations

GIF: stakeholders can watch real-time analytics as conversations unfold among hundreds of participants


Powerful analytical tools allow stakeholders to observe and explore how ideas emerge and decisions form among large groups, quantifying the strength of various perspectives as groups discuss, debate, and deliberate in real-time. For market researchers, the beliefs of participants can be quickly assessed at individual and cohort levels, uncovering deep insights that are impossible to acquire through standard interviews, surveys, or focus groups.

These analytics go beyond simple aggregation of sentiments. Thinkscape provides measures of the groups conviction in its positions and entrenchment in their views, while also revealing the group’s behavioral dynamics that resulted in the solutions that received the most support. Data and visualizations are processed in real-time and available quickly for analysis and reporting.  In addition, graphical replays allow stakeholders to watch the flow of deliberations in high speed. 

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