Beat the Swarm: March Madness Edition

Today marks the beginning of March Madness. That means one thing at UNU: it’s time to play Beat the Swarm. 

In the past few weeks, we’ve challenged people across the internet to Beat the Swarm in predicting major events like the Super Bowl and Oscars. These Beat the Swarm competitions have not only been a lot of fun, they’re proving that groups are really smart when they think together in UNU.

For March Madness, we’re going even bigger. For the first time, we’ve invited a dozen swarms to compete in the first ever UNU bracket pool. And we’ve challenged hundreds of people to try and beat the winning swarm in a winner-takes-all $1,000 challenge!

Can any one person Beat the Swarm of people working together?

The March Madness swarms are made up of all kinds of groups, from sports reporters to fraternity brothers and even perfect strangers. Finally, we had the team here at UNU take a shot at a bracket, which should be humbling.

This is what the process looks like. Each magnet below one person, working to reach consensus in real-time. The whole process takes just seconds.



Here’s the bracket filled out by our “experts.” This is an exclusive group of reporters and insiders.

Expert Swarm Bracket
And this bracket was filled out by a large group of fans….

Fan Swarm Bracket

We’ll be updating this post as the tournament moves on. But, at the time of this writing, incredibly, TeamUNU is tied for first in the swarm competition. Stay tuned to see how your bracket compares to the top-performing swarms!

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 4.38.37 PM

Drop us a note below if you want to stay in the loop on Beat the Swarm…