Unanimous AI Wins a Chicago Innovation Award

Chicago, IL — Unanimous AI has been named a winner of the 17th annual Chicago Innovation Awards. A pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, Unanimous AI turns business teams into super-intelligent systems, enabling extremely accurate forecasts, predictions, decisions, and assessments.  Unanimous AI has made headlines this year across a wide range of applications from financial forecasting and sports handicapping to consumer insights and medical diagnosis.

The winners were announced at an event held at Chicago’s Harris Theater on Monday, October 29, with nearly 1,500 business and civic leaders, and supporters of innovation in attendance.  The Chicago Innovation Awards, celebrating its 17th year, is the Chicago region’s foremost recognition of the most innovative new products or services brought to market each year.

Unanimous has developed a groundbreaking technology platform called Swarm AI that combines the power of intelligence algorithms with the depth and diversity of real-time human knowledge, wisdom, and insights. The technology is based on the biological phenomenon of Swarm Intelligence, the process in which natural organisms amplify their combined brainpower by forming real-time closed-loop systems.  Swarm Intelligence is why birds flock, bees swarm, and fish school – they are smarter together than alone.  Swarm AI technology brings this power to networked business teams.

“Chicago’s innovators continue to demonstrate the breadth of innovation
found in the Chicago region, cutting across all industries, sectors and sizes,” said Tom Kuczmarski, co-founder with Chicago journalist Dan Miller of the awards. “2018 winners are pioneers in healthcare, construction, communications, food and nutrition, education, information technology, transportation, fashion, law, real estate, childcare, workforce development, museums and exhibits, nanotechnology and social services.”

“The Chicago Innovation Awards challenge conventional thinking and celebrate the fact that good ideas can come from anywhere,” said Dr. Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI. “Our Swarm AI platform challenges the notion that AI will replace human intelligence.  Instead we’ve found AI most effective when used to amplify human insights, turning business teams into super-experts.  We’re honored that the judges recognized the importance of our technology and have included us in such great company.”

The winning organizations receive a variety of honors including the opportunity to ring the Nasdaq Bell in New York City, and meetings with the Mayor, Governor and Cook County President.

“519 organizations nominated for this year’s awards,” said Luke Tanen, Executive Director of the Chicago Innovation Awards.  “As a group, these nominees generated over $3.4 billion in new revenues from their new products and services, along with the creation of over 432 patents.  The 25 winners represent the best from this very impressive group.”

The complete list of this year’s Chicago Innovation Award winners can be found at www.chicagoinnovation.com.

The Chicago Innovation Awards are supported by Diamond Sponsor Theron Technology Solutions, Gold Sponsors Comcast Business, Wintrust Financial and SMS Assist; Silver Sponsors Exelon, Vedder Price, LinkedIn and others.


Unanimous AI: Joe Rosenbaum, joe@unanimousai.com, 410-458-7978

Chicago Innovation:  Luke Tanen, luke@chicagoinnovation.com, 312-988-1516

About Unanimous AI:
Unanimous AI is a Silicon Valley company that has pioneered Swarm AI® technology, a new form of AI that combines real-time human insights and AI algorithms modeled after natural swarms. In 2018, Swarm AI technology won “AI Innovation of the Year” at the SXSW Innovation Awards. For more on Unanimous, visit http://unanimous.ai

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