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UNU is a fun new way to hang out online, allowing groups of all sizes to think together to answer questions, make predictions. Many people compare UNU to playing with a massive online Ouija Board, connecting people all around the globe.

But UNU swarms aren’t just fun, they’re smart. Recent Swarms have gone nearly perfect in predicting the NFL Playoffs, and regularly outperform the experts at ESPN and FiveThirtyEight. Just yesterday, the Swarm went 4 for 5 in predicting basketball winners.

Here’s what it looks like when 35 people think together to make a prediction. Each magnet represents a user in a real-time negotiation that captures the group’s collected wit and wisdom in a completely new way. And, as you can see, the whole process takes just seconds.

Oklahoma over TT

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UNU: more fun than getting dunked on by Ben Simmons