Amazon Studios puts Swarm to the Test

The Swarm platform from Unanimous AI enables business teams to amplify their combined intelligence by forming systems moderated by AI algorithms.  Inspired by the way fish school and birds flock, the technology was modeled on the biological phenomenon of Swarm Intelligence which enables simple organisms to able to solve complex, multi-variable problems.

Recently, Amazon Studios put the Swarm platform to the test, using the software to predict box-office results for summer movies.   As shown in the popular new Amazon TV series (The Giant Beast that is the Global Economy) a group of movie fans were invited into the Swarm platform and asked to predict box-office outcomes.  Check out the video below to see the Swarm platform in action:

FROM AMAZON: This globe-spanning docuseries brings the smart, stylized storytelling of Adam McKay’s The Big Short to a quirky and compelling exploration of the global economy. In each episode, host Kal Penn – with the help of some celebrity friends – answers a burning question like: How can I launder a bag of dirty cash? How scared should I be of a rubber apocalypse? And is it easier for [jerks] to get rich?

WATCH: The Giant Beast that is the Global Economy on Amazon

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