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Unanimous AI, Founder and CEO:  Louis Barry Rosenberg, Cover of Forbes – Impact Entrepreneur (2019) –   Japan


Unanimous AI, Founder:  Louis B. Rosenberg, Keynote Address – Global Link Next (2019)


Unanimous AI, Founder:  Louis Barry Rosenberg, Forbes (2019) Japan

Louis B. Rosenberg, Inventor.


Challenged by CBS Interactive, Unanimous AI predicts a perfect superfecta at the Kentucky derby using Swarm AI technology.


Unanimous AI, Founder, Louis B. Rosenberg – TED Talk (2017)

Louis Barry Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI and early pioneer of virtual and augmented reality, giving TEDx talk on the dangers of artificial intelligence in Kansas City. 

Louis B. Rosenberg

Dr. Louis B. Rosenberg

Louis Barry Rosenberg

Unanimous AI,  Sports Forecasting, Sportspicker AI, ,  Kentucky Derby.