Louis Rosenberg, PhD

CEO & Chief Scientist

Louis Rosenberg, PhD is a technology pioneer in fields of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. He founded Unanimous AI to amplify the intelligence of networked human groups using the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence combined with AI.  The idea panned out, resulting in Swarm AI, an award-winning technology used by a wide range of organizations from Fortune 500 corporations to the United Nations.

Rosenberg began his career at Stanford University where he earned his BS, MS, and PhD degrees. Working at Air Force Research Laboratory in the early 1990’s, Rosenberg created the Virtual Fixtures platform, the first functional augmented reality system merging the real and the virtual into a unified interactive reality.

He then founded the early VR company Immersion Corp (1993) and brought the company public in 1999 (NASDAQ: IMMR).

He also founded Microscribe, maker of 3D tools used in the production of animated films, including Shrek, Ice Age, and Bugs Life (acquired in 2009)

Rosenberg also founded Outland Research in 2004, a developer of mobile media and augmented reality technologies (acquired in 2011).

Rosenberg was also a Professor at California State University (Cal Poly) teaching engineering, design, ed-tech, and entrepreneurship.

A prolific inventor, Rosenberg has been awarded more than 300 patents worldwide for his efforts in VR, AR, and AI.

Check out his TEDx TALK on the power of Hive Minds here.

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Louis B. Rosenberg