How 68 Redditors beat ESPN, Sports Illustrated & the Bleacher Report at their own game

Last night, #17 Baylor limped onto the field with #10 University of North Carolina. Baylor’s once-vaunted passing attack had been crippled by injuries to their top two quarterbacks, and suddenly their best option was to convert a wide receiver to quarterback and hope for the best against a talented North Carolina defense.

Vegas was not impressed with this plan.  Though the oddsmakers strive for even money, nearly 72% of bets came in on North Carolina to cover the spread, and the “experts” at ESPN declared that North Carolina would easily win a “one-sided affair.” Sports Illustrated and Bleach Report thought the 3 point spread was far too – both predicted that UNC would win by 10 points.

In other words, no one saw Baylor’s 49-38 victory coming.  No one, that is, except a Swarm Intelligence of 68 sports fans on Reddit.  This random group, used a new artificial intelligence platform (called UNU) to merged their knowledge, wisdom, and insights into a singular unified intellect.

Called “swarming,” process combines artificial intelligence with a fun user interface, allowing the group to answer sports question of all kinds,  quickly converging on optimal solutions.  Below is a replay of the 68 person swarm as it predicted Baylor would win the bowl game in a matter of seconds:

Baylor UNC

Of course, this wasn’t the only prediction the swarm made. The group generated predictions about the College Football Playoff and all the major bowl games.  So far, the swarm is 1 for 1, blowing away the experts and demonstrating that regular sports fans, when they put their minds together, can have very deep insights.

This is not new – over the last 12 months, UNU swarms have out-predicted the experts when calling the Super Bowl, the World Series and NBA Finals. They even predicted the Blackhawks would win the Stanley Cup before the playoffs began. Last week a swarm even outperformed movie experts in predicting the box office draw for Star Wars: the Force Awakens.  Simply put – many minds are better than one!

Want to try swarming?  Now you can!  The UNU platform is inviting Beta Users to help stress-test the technology.  Just CLICK HERE to sign up.