Remembering the Music of Prince

When asked how it felt to be the greatest guitar player alive, rock icon Eric Clapton reportedly responded, “I don’t know. Ask Prince.” An undeniable talent, Prince Rogers Nelson died yesterday at age 57. He was a prolific song writer who released 30+ albums and scored multiple hit songs that a generation of fans grew up with and still love today.

Social media is abuzz with expressions of grief and remembrances of his music. The most frequently asked question: “What is the best Prince song?” While everyone has their own favorite, researchers at Unanimous AI asked a Human Swarm, to gauge overall public sentiment.


Seem obvious? Well, Purple Rain was actually only Prince’s 8th biggest hit, according to Billboard magazine.  (His biggest hit was When Doves Cry, which spent 5 weeks as the Billboard #1 in 1984.) Researchers were also curious to know what Prince’s best non-mega hit was.

PrinceNonMega (1)

What do you think? Does the Swarm have it right?

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