So, did our Super Bowl Predictions Deliver?

The Los Angeles Rams weren’t the only team celebrating at the end of Super Bowl LVI.  At Unanimous AI, we predict the Super Bowl every year and once again we crushed the Vegas oddsmakers.  Just ask the many subscribers to our Sportspicker service — we correctly forecast all aspects of the game, from the team to score first to the team that would win against the spread.  We also finished off the full NFL season with an impressive record against Vegas.  Let’s jump into the details…

First, let’s look at the Big Game itself. Once again, we nailed it correctly forecasting that the underdog Cincinnati would win against the +4 spread.  We did this by amplifying the intelligence of 25 average sports fans in our Swarm software platform which uses AI algorithms modeled in the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence.  You can see a real-time replay of the forecast here:

Of course you can’t judge a forecasting technology based on a single game.  But at Unanimous AI we predicted every single game of the 2021-2022 NFL Season (against the spread) and provided detailed weekly forecasts to our Sportspicker subscribers, specifically identifying which games we believed were incorrectly modeled by Vegas oddsmakers.  Anyone who followed our advice throughout the season, betting against the spread based on our recommendations (where legal), would have seen the following returns:

But what about our accuracy against the spread? As most people know, the typical sports better does around 50% against the spread, unable to outperform against the Vegas oddsmakers.  And because the house takes a few percent off of every bet, going 50/50 is a good way to slowly lose all your money.  To achieve the status of a high-quality professional handicapper, a forecaster need to achieve at least 54% to 55% against the spread.  So how did we do?

As you can see, our Sportspicker service delivered a remarkable 56% accuracy (against the spread) during the 2021-2022 NFL season.  For those not familiar with sports handicapping, this is a very difficult milestone to achieve, especially in NFL football where the Vegas lines are generated with extreme care.

While we hate to see the season end while Sportspicker AI was on a roll, we’re happy to say that the success continues with Sportspicker AI’s NBA forecasts through the 2021-22 season thus far. In fact, for NBA games Sportspicker’s recommended picks are hitting at an even higher success rate than our NFL picks.

To subscribe to Sportspicker’s NBA forecasting service, check out the details here.



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