New Hit Show from Amazon Features Swarm AI

Swarm featured on Amazon’s new “Giant Beast” series 

If you’re an Amazon Prime Video subscriber, you may have noticed a new show called This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy. The show, from Oscar winner Adam McKay (The Big Short), is an unconventional deep-dive into the modern economy, featuring actor Kal Penn as host.

If “Giant Beast” isn’t already on your list, it should be.  Episode #4 on Artificial Intelligence features a fun 7-minute segment on Swarm technology from Unanimous AI and showcases company CEO, Dr Louis Rosenberg (starting at 27:00), which you won’t want to miss. Check it out!

To put Swarm to the test, the producers at Amazon recruited a group of people (50 members of the general public) and asked Unanimous to amplify their intelligence, and do it live on camera. The group was chosen at random by the production team, but was nevertheless presented with a set of difficult problems to solve, including a number of challenging forecasts.

The most challenging forecast involved predicting which summer movie among a set of highly anticipated releases would top the box-office charts.  Filmed before the movies hit the big screen, the fifty randomly selected participants combined their knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuition using the Swarm software platform and in less than 60 seconds produced the following result:

As the replay above shows, the Swarm platform elicited an AI-optimized prediction that THE INCREDIBLES 2 would outperform the other four big-budget movies. What the replay doesn’t show ( but the episode does ) is that Amazon filmed this prediction live, with Kal Penn serving as the masters of ceremony, which made the prediction that the Pixar sequel would upset both JURASSIC WORLD and DEADPOOL 2 all the more nerve-racking.

But, a few months later, when the box office results came in, THE INCREDIBLES 2 had done exactly what the Swarm platform had predicted it would. In the end, as Kal reveals on the show, it wasn’t even close — the $606M haul by the INCREDIBLES 2 beat the next closest movie by nearly $200M and almost doubled DEADPOOL 2’s $318M.

FROM AMAZON: This globe-spanning docuseries brings the smart, stylized storytelling of Adam McKay’s The Big Short to a quirky and compelling exploration of the global economy. In each episode, host Kal Penn – with the help of some celebrity friends – answers a burning question like: How can I launder a bag of dirty cash? How scared should I be of a rubber apocalypse? And is it easier for [jerks] to get rich?


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