Unleashing the power of Swarm A.I. for work, play, and the good of society.



We empower people

Unlike traditional AI, which aims to replicate human intelligence, our Swarm A.I. technologies builds intelligent systems that keep people in the loop, leveraging our natural human knowledge, insights, and intuitions.  At Unanimous, we use technology to amplify human intelligence, not replace it.  And it works – read the BBC’s review of our technology here.

Our platform is UNU

UNU is a social environment that empowers groups to think together by forming real-time swarms.  Using UNU, groups of friends, colleagues, or strangers can tap their collective wisdom to answer questions, reach decisions, make predictions, or just have fun.  And it works, making groups smarter together.  Read about how Discovery News describes our technology here.

We provide insights

There is deep wisdom in groups.  Unfortunately, old-school methods – like polls, surveys, and focus groups – barely scratch the surface of what groups are capable of.  That’s because they treat people as mere data-point.  We empower people to act as “data processors” that come together online and form an intelligent system, connected by A.I. algorithms.  The results are deeper insights, more accurate forecasts, and optimized decisions.  Businesses that want to quickly leverage the power of swarms can use our Swarm Insight™ service.

How does it work?

It all goes back to the birds and bees. Across nature, countless species boost their group intelligence by working together in flocks, schools, colonies, and swarms. Inspired by the natural world, researchers at Unanimous have developed the unique infrastructure to allow people to form intelligent dynamic systems. To read one of our scientific papers, CLICK HERE.


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