Louis Rosenberg, PhD


founded Unanimous AI to pursue his combined interests in collaborative systems and human-computer interaction. Rosenberg attended Stanford University where he earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees. His doctoral work focused on robotics, virtual reality, and human-computer interaction. While working as a graduate researcher at the U.S. Air Force’s Armstrong Labs in the early 1990s, Rosenberg created ‘Virtual Fixtures’, the first immersive Augmented Reality system…


Jim Harris


joined Unanimous to bring people together and amplify their abilities, empowering groups to achieve things they might never have thought possible.  Jim has a 30-year track record as an executive and entrepreneur — most recently as founder and CEO of The Wall Street Journal Office Network, a digital video network serving more than 800 U.S. office buildings.  In addition to having started and built companies in media,…


David Baltaxe


joined Unanimous A.I. to pursue his passion and expertise in market research, computer-mediated communications and product development.  A skilled analyst and amateur bee keeper, David holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Florida’s School of Journalism and Communication, specializing in computer-mediated communications. David was the founder and chief executive of Concept Metrics, a market research and product management firm specializing in the IT, Telecommunications, and Sustainability…


Joe Rosenbaum

Community and Communications Officer (CCO)

joined Unanimous A.I. to help them write the future of Collaborative Intelligence.  Joe holds a degree in English from Princeton University where he won both the school’s Ward Prize for Fiction and a national championship in lacrosse. Joe has done marketing and community building at a wide range of companies including Random House and the Baltimore Ravens.


Josh Sitzer

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

joined Unanimous A.I. to leverage his deep expertise in consumer insights and analytical digital marketing to tell the Unanimous story. He brings over 15 years’ experience in building brands, acquiring users, and generating revenue at technology companies, both large and small. He holds a BA from Wesleyan University and an MBA in marketing and finance from Cornell University. Before joining Unanimous, Josh was the Director of…


Craig Factor

General Counsel and VP Strategy

joined Unanimous A.I. to be a part of a fast-growing company determined to make a difference by applying and refining Swarm intelligence.  Craig is a highly experienced General Counsel, having served in that role at four public companies (Immersion, Artisan, RITA Medical, and Audience) and three VC-backed private companies (Innovative Silicon, Nanosolar, and Teradici).  His first General Counsel position was at Immersion Corporation, a virtual reality…


Joe Wilson


joined Unanimous A.I. in 2016 as Chief Technology Officer to leverage his deep expertise in data analytics and system infrastructure. Joe has more than 30 years of experience in software development and systems architecture in fields as diverse as gaming, scientific simulation, data sciences, advertising, and publishing.  Prior to joining Unanimous, Joe was VP of Enterprise Analystics at Turner Broadcasting.  Joe has also served as CTO and co-founder of…


Mimi Lyons

Director of User Experience

Mimi Lyons joined Unanimous A.I. to help unlock the power of collective human wisdom.  Fascinated by the potential to optimize outcomes for the greater good, she brings experience in group dynamics, content organization, editorial integrity, and user experience to the team. She earned a BA in Urban Studies and an MA in Sociology from Stanford University. As one of the earliest employees at Yahoo! and its first Director…


Alex McClure

Vice President of Product

Alex joined Unanimous AI to create a future filled with amazing software and services that allow people to remain at the center of their intellectual experiences. Graduating from UC San Diego with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Alex has spent the last 15 years of his career bringing teams together to create products that people love. With a successful track record at companies like…


Gregg Willcox

Machine Learning Researcher

Gregg joined Unanimous to follow his combined passions for collective intelligence and machine learning.  An entrepreneur and tinkerer, he studied Physics and Systems Engineering before discovering robotics, and getting his Masters in Robotics from Washington University in St. Louis.

Jordan Dominguez

Marketing Analyst

joined Unanimous A.I.  in 2015 to be a part of the grand vision of Swarm Intelligence. Driven by his passion for technology, digital marketing, and design, he has become an essential asset to the Unanimous A.I. team. He is dedicated to the mission of taking collaborative artificial intelligence to the next level. A cum laude graduate of California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, Jordan…


Business Advisors

John A. Amster

is the CEO and co-founder of RPX Corporation (NASDAQ: RPXC). Prior to co-founding RPX in 2008, Mr. Amster was the General Manager of Strategic Acquisitions and Vice President of Licensing at Intellectual Ventures, responsible for strategic acquisitions of patent portfolios as well as developing the software and e-commerce licensing programs. Prior to joining IV, Mr. Amster was Managing Director and founded the M&A Advisory practice…


Mark Buntz

joined Unanimous A.I.’s Board of  Business Advisors in 2016. Currently the CFO of the William K. Warren Foundation, Mark brings a deep understanding of funding strategies and capital markets. Mark has over 35 years of accounting and investing expertise and is currently responsible for managing a very large diversified investment portfolio.

Julian Cohen

joined Unanimous A.I.’s Board of Advisors in 2015.  Julian provides insight and guidance to the company on a variety of issues including brand building, messaging strategies, data-driven product innovation, and market research.  Over the course of a career that spans more than 20 years, Julian has led strategic planning initiatives for large CPG, tech, and retail companies. He was the lead planner on Dell’s “Dude, You’re Getting a Dell”…


Wesley Hein

joined the Board of Advisors in 2015 and provides Unanimous A.I. with the benefits of his experience founding, growing and advising media and technology organizations.  Wesley is CEO of MasterChannel which provides web mobile brand management solutions to music, film and entertainment brands.  Clients include Imagine Dragons, The Doors, and The Ramones. Wesley was co-founder & president of Enigma Records (acquired by EMI), EVP Hollywood Records (Walt…


Stuart Itkin

brings to Unanimous A.I.’s advisory board a passion for technology that changes the way we live and work and a long track record of introducing such technologies to new markets.  As a Charter Member of the AIDC 100, Stuart is recognized as a pioneer in developing and commercializing keyless data entry technologies including bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID). 


David Morris

brings a wealth of business experience to the Unanimous A.I.’s Board of Advisors.  Most recently, David was CEO of nCourt LLC, the leading provider of traffic court ecommerce services in the country.  He managed the company from 2007 to 2014, growing it from 5 employees serving 100 courts to 85 employees serving more than 2,000 courts across the country.  nCourt was acquired by Mainsail Partners…


Harry Regan

joined the Board of Advisors in 2015, bringing his considerable experience in security and privacy to Unanimous A.I. Harry has close to 40 years experience in technology, security and privacy and has participated in a dozen new technology companies – including the 2000-2002 effort by Bertelsmann AG to legitimize Napster. In the mid-1990s, Harry was Director of Information Security Technology at NASDAQ where he developed an operations-centric…


David Hague

joined Unanimous A.I. as an advisor in 2014 to pursue his passion in innovation for society. David holds a B.S. in Engineering from Santa Clara University and brings decades of technology marketing experience. David currently serves as Senior Director of Marketing & Technology Partnerships for M+W Group where he develops renewable energy systems with integrated solar generation, energy storage, and control systems at utility scale. As an…


Academic Advisors

Ben Green

Harvard University

is a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  His work focuses on self-organizing systems and has been awarded fellowships by NSF and the DOD. His research spans studying swarm behavior in termite colonies, analyzing patterns of violence in social networks, and designing platforms that enhance collective problem solving among human teams. Ben did his undergraduate work at Yale,…

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