David Baltaxe

President & Chief Intelligence Officer

joined Unanimous AI to pursue his passion and expertise in market research, computer-mediated communications and product development.  A skilled analyst and amateur bee keeper, David holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Florida’s School of Journalism and Communication, specializing in computer-mediated communications.

David was the founder and chief executive of Concept Metrics, a market research and product management firm specializing in the IT, Telecommunications, and Sustainability markets.  Before founding Concept Metrics, David spent nearly a decade with the intelligence firm Current Analysis, as principal analyst, custom business lead, and Vice President for Research Operations and Product Management, where he oversaw the definition and launch of multiple new offerings.  Prior to that, David managed the Multiclient Study Practice at META Group (acquired by Gartner) and led strategy initiatives at pioneering managed services firms.  David is also the founder of C60, a professional networking group for “clean tech” entrepreneurs in the Washington, DC metro region. David has appeared frequently as an analyst in mainstream media, including the New York Times, Washington Business Journal, Computerworld, and CNET News.com.  David enjoys solving puzzles and is an unabashed lover of the clever.  He lives near Washington, DC with thousands of adoring bees and the three-ringed circus he calls family.