A Swarm Intelligence Predicted the Rise of Donald Trump

The 2016 Presidential elections is still 11 months away, but the Republican candidates for the nation’s highest office have been campaigning tirelessly since the first debate back in August. In that time, a number of candidates have seen their stars rise and fall, but none has owned more of the spotlight than Donald Trump.

Researchers at Unanimous AI have been using their Swarm A.I. platform UNU to track voter sentiment for the entire election cycle thus far. Unlike crude polls and surveys, UNU gives an “emergent voice” to the voting public. Online users form swarming systems in UNU that can express opinions in real-time.  This yields deeper and more honest insights.

For example, months ago when Trump was still being dismissed by the media,  a swarm of 100 users thinking together in UNU, expressed that Trump would be the strongest challenger to Hillary.  While this may not have been a popular opinion at the time, swarming evokes the true sentiments within a population (see Swarm A.I. below).  Now, many months later the latest polls have caught up, with 40% of the GOP believing Trump is their strongest candidate.


challenger to hillary


More recently, as Trump’s popularity has soared in mainstream polls, the confident candidate’s rhetoric has started to match his over-sized personality. And, while those early swarms considered Trump the “most hawkish” of the GOP hopefuls, recent declarations concerning the restriction of travel for Muslims have caused many to rethink their support.


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