Swarm AI Powers Interactive Town Hall for Congressional Candidate

Brian Burns “Take a Leap” Event to Feature AI-Powered Town Hall 


This Saturday, Brian Burns, a Congressional candidate for the 5th District of Illinois, will host the “Take a Leap Interactive Voting and AI Workshop” at his campaign headquarters in Chicago. Brian is a lawyer working at the intersection of law and technology, and the Take a Leap event is designed to compare how effective various methods are for capturing the collective intelligence of populations, from standard voting methods to AI-powered swarming methods.

This AI-powered Town Hall echoes a previous academic study conducted by Unanimous AI which compared the effectiveness of Swarm AI technology to traditional methods like plurality voting and the Condorcet Method for setting group priorities.

“While most research into AI technology is aimed at replacing humans with algorithms, Swarm AI technology is aimed at amplifying the intelligence of human populations, enabling significantly smarter decisions,” said Dr. Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI.

From Brian Burns 2020: The goal for the event is simple: we want to re-imagine what democracy can look like in the 21st century. The constitution was written 250 years ago when information was carried on foot. We have tools for communication and decision making that the Founders couldn’t have dreamed of, and we need to start putting them to good use. Are we going to discover a magic bullet that “solves” the problems of modern politics? No. But we will be taking a momentous first step of dreaming about what these solutions can look like.

If you’ll be in Chicago this weekend and want to see a sneak peek of the future of democracy, please RSVP below.


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