Unanimous announces SportsPicker AI prediction service

Unanimous AI wasn’t built to make sports predictions, but it’s pretty damn good at it.”

– Inc. Magazine

Unanimous is proud to announce, by popular demand, the first sports prediction service that combines real-time human insights with AI algorithms for unparalleled accuracy. Unanimous has made headlines for a remarkable streak of predictive accomplishments that includes the 541-to-1 Kentucky Derby Superfecta, a feat called the “holy grail of gambling” by Newsweek, and season-long clinics in forecasting accuracy in the NBA, NHL, EPL, and NFL. These long-term results have been validated in a series of academic papers and presented at AI conferences all over the world.

Now, Unanimous AI invites you to sign up for an invite to SportsPicker AI™, a new service that delivers AI-optimized predictions to your inbox beginning on July 1st with Major League Baseball. Unlike other prediction services run by so-called experts, SportsPicker AI was developed by a team of accomplished scientists and researchers, and its forecasts are generated using state-of-the-art AI algorithms that are proven to amplify human intelligence. If you want to see just how far sports forecasting has come from the days of Jimmy the Greek, follow the link below. 


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