Unanimous AI at Collective Intelligence 2019

Unanimous AI CIO David Baltaxe recently took the stage at the Collective Intelligence 2019 conference at Carnegie Mellon University. Baltaxe was there to present our research into how business teams using the Swarm software platform were able to decrease their error rate on a standard set of subjective judgment tasks by 41%.

In the study, conducted by researchers California Polytechnic State University, 300 participants were given a standardized intelligence test that involves subjective judgement.  The participants recorded their responses three ways; (i) working alone, (ii) in small teams by taking a vote, and (iii) working in small teams, using the Swarm platform. Alone, the group averaged 69% correct.  By taking a team vote, performance increased slightly to 73% correct.  When using the Swarm platform, performance jumped to 84% correct, achieving an accuracy in the 91st percentile. 

This research was reinforced by another recent study, which tasked groups using Swarm with taking a commonly used IQ test (the Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices test). On this standardized test, groups using Swarm were able to improve their IQ scores by 14 points over their individual performance, and 12 points over their performance using plurality vote.  These two new studies demonstrate that small business teams, connected by Swarm AI algorithms, can significantly amplify their combined intelligence.

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