Ask UNU Anything!

Ask Me Anything is one of the Reddit’s Top 10 most popular subreddits. On it, a user opens him/herself up to whatever questions the Reddit community wants to ask. Notable AMA subjects have included Louis CK, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Peter Dinklage, Bill Gates, and even President Obama during his 2012 Presidential campaign–among many others.

In an historic event, UNU will host an AMA on Wednesday June 1 at 1pm ET (10am PT). We will also livestream the event on YouTube Live.

This will be the first time EVER that Reddit has done an AMA with an Artificial Hive Mind. The Reddit community will have the opportunity to ask UNU anything and get real time answers. With all of the scrutiny on the US presidential election, the AMA will be focused on POLITICS. And we expect some insightful questions, answers and recommendations to come out of it!

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