FORBES: Three Lessons from the Birds & the Bees

Three Lessons The Birds and The Bees can Teach Us about EQ and AI

From Forbes by Amy Blaschka:

Human behavior fascinates me, especially the way people communicate and connect with others.

I’ve written extensively about emotional intelligence, or EQ, and the “soft skills” (like empathy,  awareness and  creativity)  that fuel it. Coupled with technical expertise, leaders with high EQ inject humanity back into business and put people first to create environments that empower and ignite their teams, delight their customers and fuel sustainable growth.

But conversely, I’m also intrigued by the mystique around artificial intelligence, or AI, as well as its potential.

AI has been defined as “software that writes itself,” meaning that while most software is programmed by a human and therefore subject to and limited by that person’s input, AI bypasses that completely, rapidly learning and advancing on its own. This technology already powers your business world in many positive ways, from fraud protection to your keeping your inbox spam-free, yet the thought of a possible world takeover by emotionless entities persists in keeping people up at night and has given AI a bad rap.

It got me wondering: What would happen if you could apply EQ to AI?

To my surprise and delight, I recently discovered the answer in an unlikely manner: while watching Kal Penn‘s new Amazon Prime Video docuseries, This Giant Beast That Is The Global EconomyIn an episode that explored artificial intelligence, Penn interviewed the founder and CEO of Unanimous AIDr. Louis Rosenberg, who developed a new form of artificial intelligence designed to amplify—rather than replace—human intelligence.

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Kal Penn photo credit: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

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