How Sportspicker AI Picked A Fight with Vegas — And Won

Ask any handicapper. They’ll tell you. 55% is the benchmark for excellence in picking winners against the spread in sports. But it’s hard. Most professional handicappers can’t do it. At least not consistently.

We’re proud that Sportspicker AI has been able to consistently meet this threshold. For example, in the current NFL season, which is coming to a close, our won-loss record against the spread is 63-51. Exactly 55%. That means our NFL subscribers have had a very profitable season. A season that would rival the top handicappers in the world.

But it turns out that’s just the tip of the iceberg. About a year ago, we introduced our Pick of the Week (POTW). Each week, POTW subscribers receive our highest rated pick across all the sports we forecast. From NFL football, to Premier League Soccer, to NBA Basketball.

And the results have surpassed even our wildest expectations. Over the last 49 weeks, the POTW has gone 34-14-1. That’s a winning percentage of 69%. That’s not just good. It’s extraordinary.

To put this in perspective, take a look at the graph below. The POTW is usually against the spread, but not always. So the average expected accuracy is 51% (not 50), and the handicapper benchmark is 57% (not 55). But 69% puts us in the 99th percentile of expected outcomes. This is not just a hot streak. It’s been going on for a full year.

Subscribers are ecstatic. And why wouldn’t they be? They have dramatically outperformed the market. POTW bettors would have more than TRIPLED their money in 1 year. At least. On the same set of games, the average bettor would expect to lose money (after the 10% vig they pay their sportsbook). Meanwhile, an excellent handicapper would have made a 56% gain. Not bad, but it pales in comparison to the Pick of the Week.

See the graph below. Here we show the impact on all 3 scenarios with a hypothetical $10,000 bankroll and a weekly wager of 10% of total bankroll.

So what’s the take away? Well, the numbers don’t lie. It’s pretty clear that using an AI for optimized betting intelligence is pretty smart. And going with the Pick of the Week–where you get the best of the best each week–is simply a no-brainer.

Check out the Pick of the Week for yourself HERE.


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