New Chat Room taps Collective Intelligence of Sports Fans

“UNU is a SPORTS CHAT ROOM on steroids…”

UNU feels like chat room but harnesses the Collective Intelligence of the participants. Groups have used UNU to make insanely accurate predictions about the Super Bowl, the NBA and NHL playoffs, March Madness and even the Oscars.

Now UNU groups are having fun pondering the College football and NFL playoffs. Just last week UNU Swarms crushed ESPN in predicting the College Football Playoffs and predicted every game of the NFL Wildcard round correctly.

Chiefs by 7 over Texans


But UNU isn’t just smart… it’s FUN.  You can hang out, helping to answer the question submitted by others, or you can ask questions to the group.  Either way, it really fun and easy to use.  This video tells you a bit more about UNU.


Swarms are forming on topics of all every kind. Drop us a note below and we’ll send you an invite to the UNU Beta.