Swarm Intelligence predicts a Bernie Sanders upset!

Yahoo Politics just published an article entitled, Time to Take Sanders Seriously. Matt Bai, Yahoo’s National Political Columnist, wrote the piece in response to news that Sanders had surpassed all expectations by “overtaking Hillary Clinton in Iowa polls and opening a double digit lead in New Hampshire.” Yahoo makes the point that Clinton has overlooked Sanders for much of the campaign, “treating him more like the doddering uncle one must respect even as his dinner-table tirades grow tiresome.”

And yet the same Sanders neglect could be said of the media as a whole. From the start of the 2016 election cycle, just about every national outlet has treated Hillary’s selection as the Democratic Nominee as a foregone conclusion, and dismissed Bernie as a lovable sideshow.  Was this based on public opinion, or just the views of the political elite?

Researchers at Unanimous A.I. have been pondering this for months – not by taking polls, but by forming a Swarm Intelligence.  This technique allows an anonymous group of users to respond together, in real-time, as a unified system and been shown to better represent groups opinions, often tapping insights long before polls do.  And the results? For over six months, swarms have been showing that public opinion is strong in favor of Bernie Sanders.   The video below shows a swarm’s response back in October 2015:


As you can see, the Swarm quickly achieved consensus around Sanders as the one who best represented their values.  Hillary Clinton fared no better when a swarm was asked which candidate they believed was most trustworthy.


So, while the mainstream media was laughing at his chances, researchers at Unanimous AI were consistently finding that randomly selected voters believe that Bernie not only represents them best, also is most trustworthy. But surely voters would believe the strongest criticism of Sanders, that despite his long political career, he was somehow too weak to represent America on the world stage? Nope. This is what a real-time Swarm Intelligence had to say all the way back in September (with over 100 people working in unison).


If Bernie Sanders is best able to stand up to Putin, is most trustworthy, and is the best representative of voter’s values, why wouldn’t the media consider him a strong challenger to Hillary Clinton and a candidate for our next President? You’ll have to ask someone else. Here at Unanimous AI, when the swarm speaks, we listen. And the Swarm could have told you seven months ago that Bernie was speaking its language:


Researchers at Unanimous believe it points to a likely Sanders upset in the coming primaries.  Why believe swarms over polls and all the talking heads?  Consider this – last month, researchers had swarms of sports fans predict the winners of the top ten College Bowl games.  ESPN experts predicted the same games.   Who did better?  The swarms got 7/10 picks correct against the spread (70% accuracy).  The ESPN experts – only 4 correct picks (40% accuracy).  So, if you’re planning to bet against Sanders, don’t…

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