DIGITAL TRENDS: Amplifying Team Intelligence with Swarm

Digital Trends on Amplifying Team Intelligence with Swarm

LINK: Digital Trends Live with Dr. Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI

DR. ROSENBERG: Most AI companies are focused on replacing human intelligence with automated algorithms. At Unanimous AI, we use AI in a really different way to connect groups of people together over the internet and turn them into essentially a “hive mind.” This creates a system where they are smarter together than alone. We call it Swarm AI because it’s based on how swarms in nature amplify the intelligence of groups. Now we’re focused on business teams.

DIGITAL TRENDS: With Swarm AI, utilizing these kinds of algorithms, what can you apply that to? What sorts of problems are you solving? 

DR. ROSENBERG: Swarm AI can help solve any type of problem where a group of people has knowledge, insight and intuition, and we can help them be smarter together. That could be financial forecasts, medical diagnoses. We’re most focused on business teams, enabling groups of business people to come together to make more accurate sales forecasts or marketing predictions, coming up with optimized product features. We’ve just made Swarm available as a SaaS platform so that any business team can log in and connect together and make the most of their combined intelligence.


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