New Swarm Platform Shown to Amplify IQ by 14 Points

Unanimous AI recently launched Swarm®, the world’s first software Platform designed to amplify the intelligence of human groups, enabling optimized insights, forecasts, and evaluations. Built using award-winning Swarm AI® technology, the platform has been validated by over 20 published papers, including studies conducted with researchers at Stanford, Oxford, Boeing, and California State University.

In a new study announced today, networked teams using Swarm were tested on a standard IQ test known as the Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM) test. The average individual scored 53.7% correct, while the average group using Swarm achieved 76.7% correct, an IQ increase of 14 points. Swarm also beat groups working by majority vote, which scored 56.7% correct, 12 IQ points less than using the swarming method.

These results are consistent with many prior studies showing that networked human teams, when working together in the Swarm platform, significantly amplify their collective intelligence, enabling more accurate decisions, forecasts, evaluations and prioritizations. In a recent study conducted at Stanford University, groups of radiologists used Swarm to diagnose chest x-rays and recorded a 33% reduction in diagnostic errors when using the platform. In a recent study performed by researchers at California Polytechnic State University, teams were 22% more accurate making subjective judgments when using Swarm.

As announced last month, Swarm is now available as an easy-to-use SaaS platform. In addition to enabling more accurate decisions and forecasts, the Swarm platform has been shown to speed the decision-making process and increase satisfaction in decided outcomes. Unanimous AI’s pioneering work currently supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Nesta, the innovation foundation.

“Swarm has been used for a wide range of applications from market research and engineering planning, to financial forecasting and medical diagnosis,” said Gregg Willcox, Director of R&D at Unanimous AI. “But this is the first time it’s been up against a formal IQ test. The results of this NSF funded study confirm what users tell us every day – Swarm makes teams smarter.”

One area where Swarm has shown significant value is for use among teams of financial analysts, enabling them to rapidly combine their diverse perspectives and converge on forecasts that significantly outperform the individuals alone or the group reaching decisions by traditional methods. In a study conducted by researchers at Unanimous AI and Oxford University, teams of financial traders were asked to forecast the weekly change in Gold, Oil, and S&P 500 indexes. Swarm enabled a 26% increase in forecasting accuracy.

“Most AI technology takes humans out of the loop, replacing them with automated algorithms that find patterns in large datasets,” said Dr Louis Rosenberg, CEO and Chief Scientist of Unanimous AI. “At Unanimous, our goal is to keep people in the loop, using AI to harness and amplify their collective knowledge, wisdom, experiences, and insights. And with our new SaaS platform, we’re exciting to make this powerful capability widely available to all business teams, from market researchers to financial forecasters.”

About Unanimous AI

Unanimous AI is the maker of Swarm®, the world’s first enterprise platform that amplifies the intelligence of networked human groups. In 2018, Swarm AI technology from Unanimous was recognized as SXSW’s 2018 “Artificial Intelligence Innovation of the Year.” Unanimous’ pioneering work in this area is currently funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) and Nesta, the Innovation Foundation. #NSFFUNDED


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