UNU Swarms: More Accurate Than ESPN Experts, and Cheaper Too

All good things must come to an end. Joe Dimaggio’s 56 game hitting streak was snapped by two great defensive plays by the Indians third baseman. Earlier this season, the lowly Bucks ended the Golden State Warriors undefeated run.

And now UNU’s perfect NFL prediction streak has ended. If you haven’t been following this blog, UNU is a new platform that allows groups of people to think together in real-time to harness their collective wit and wisdom. While groups have used UNU for everything from tracking Bitcoin markets to Star Wars caption contests, one “human swarm” has been making incredibly accurate predictions about the NFL playoffs. More than accurate, actually. TRY PERFECT.

In case you missed last week’s post, this is what it looks like when a group of 35 average fans use UNU to predict the outcome of the Panthers-Cardinals NFC Championship game. As you can see, the Swarm was one of the few analysts to predict a comfortable victory for the Panthers. The whole process takes just seconds.



But alas, UNU’s perfect playoff record was shattered when Tom Brady’s desperate comeback fell short against Peyton Manning’s Broncos. Still, the Swarm should be awfully proud of its 9-1 record. Despite the notion that picking winners is somehow easy, only 2 of 13 highly paid ESPN experts were able to correctly predict the Broncos victory. And, even with the loss, at 9-1, the Swarm beat 12 out of 13 experts over the course of the playoffs.

No expert beat the Swarm. And only Merrill Hoge, a man who is paid $2.5M annually to analyze football games, was able to tie the Swarm comprised of average fans. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.20.11 PM

It’s also safe to say ESPN didn’t get its money’s worth from Ron Jaworski and Mike Ditka, who, despite impeccable credentials, Hall of Fame careers, and insider information so valuable NFL teams pay them to evaluate coaches, were unable to outperform a coin flip, much less the Swarm.

Next we’ll be asking the Swarm to weigh in on the Super Bowl. But we won’t just ask UNU to pick the winner, we want to try and win all of the most fun prop bets. Think you can help UNU predict the length of the national anthem? The color of the Gatorade they’ll dump on the winning coach? Then drop us a line below!

As always, UNU is totally free and anonymous…


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