UNU predicts a Star-Studded Super Bowl

In the NFL, there is no more important position than quarterback. Nowhere is this more evident than in the four teams left standing in the playoffs, all of which are led by quarterbacks headed to the Pro Bowl, the Hall of Fame, or both.

With that said, two quarterbacks have shone brighter than all the others this season, and now UNU puts its perfect 8-0 NFL Playoff record on the line in predicting that Cam Newton and Tom Brady will lead their teams to the Super Bowl.

If you’ve never seen UNU in action, this is what it looks like when 33 people think together to predict the winner of this weekend’s matchup between the Patriots and the Broncos. Each magnet you see represents one person in a real-time negotiation that allows the group to find consensus in seconds. Modeled on the way animal groups collaborate in nature, this is known as a Swarm Intelligence.

If you’ve been following football over the past year, you know that Tom Brady has been on a mission, motivated by the accusations of cheating in the run up to last year’s Super Bowl. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that the Swarm would pick the Patriots to try and defend their title.

But, according to UNU, if Tom Brady wants to win a 5th Super Bowl, he’ll have to get past Cam Newton, who may have been the NFL’s most electrifying player this season.  In fact, the swarm predicts a comfortable victory over a talented Cardinals team.


Will UNU be able to maintain its perfect record in the NFL playoffs? Your guess is as good as mine.  But, I for one, have learned to stop worrying and trust the Swarm.  After all, research shows that many minds are better than one!

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