The SWARM Awakens…

If you love SCI-FI, you love to debate.  Which Doctor Who was the best ever?  Who is the most loved Star Wars character?  Which was the better show, Firefly or LOST? You’ve seen the endless arguments in forums and chat rooms, but consensus is rarely ever reached.  Until now…

A new technology called SWARMING allows groups of users to form a “Collective Intelligence” that can answer questions on any topic.  By pooling the knowledge, insights, and intuitions of networked groups, swarming aims to prove the old adage: many minds are better than one… 

To test SWARMING we asked groups of SCI-FI fans answer questions as a unified swarm, using the UNU platform.  For many users, UNU is often compared to a massive online Ouija Board, but it’s not tapping the spirit world – it’s using A.I. technology to tap into our collective wisdom.

Below are example questions we asked the swarm along with a replay of the answers emerging.  As you can see, every user controls a tiny magnet and helps to move a glass puck.  It’s a real-time negotiation, everyone pushing and pulling until the swarm converges on a collective insight:

  • STAR WARS:  “Who is the most loved character?”

Star Wars (most loved)

  • SCI-FI TELEVISION: “What’s the best sci-fi television show ever?”

Best SciFi

  • STAR WARS:  “Who is the most annoying character?”

Star Wars (most hated)

Why are swarms better than polls and votes?  Simple – they’re just more fun. 

And, because swarms are living systems that enable a real-time negotiation among all the participants, everyone works together .  So while polls are polarizing, exposing our differences, swarms are unifying, allowing groups to find common ground.

Want to try swarming?  Now you can.  Just fill out the form below to become a BETA TESTER.  The folks at UNU will send you a password.  It’s free and fast and completely anonymous…