Groups are smart.  Really smart.  For over 100 years, research into Collective Intelligence has shown that when you combine the knowledge and opinions of groups, the results are more accurate and insightful than those from any single participant.

Simply put – Many minds are better than one…”

In the past, tapping Collective Intelligence was slow and dull, using polls and surveys to find the statistical mean. But now, a new technology called “Artificial Swarm Intelligence” has changed everything.  Swarming allows groups to explore their collective wisdom together, in real-time, by creating living system that can converge on optimal solutions.


How smart are swarms?  Very!  Earlier this year, a swarm of online users predicted the winners of the Oscars with remarkable accuracy. Not only did a group of people thinking together beat 75 individuals in picking the winners, the group also beat the experts at the New York Times and Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight. 

Can a swarm beat the experts again?  Earlier today, the 2015 GRAMMY NOMINATIONS  were announced.  This makes it a perfect time to make a new set of predictions.  In fact, anyone who wants to help a swarm predict the winners of the Grammy’s can login to the UNU platform tonight at 6:00 PM.  It’s fun, free, and totally anonymous…

What’s it like to join a swarm?  Using UNU is often compared to participating a massive online Ouija Board, but it’s not tapping the spirit world – it’s using A.I. technology to tap into our collective wisdom.