UNU Against Humanity (a fun contest…LIVE now! )


UNU is a fun new way to hang out online, allowing groups of all sizes to think together to answer questions, hold contests, or just make each other laugh. Many people compare UNU to playing with a massive online Ouija Board, connecting people around the globe.  Check it out…


This clip above shows over 100 people using UNU to play a game similar to Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples. The process is simple – someone suggests a funny sentence, maybe “The most boring superpower is __” or “The class field trip was ruined by __”

Then, everyone races to suggest the funniest and most outrageous answers. When all the answers are locked in, each person pulls on the puck using little magnets, forming a “swarm” that picks the winner.  Each question takes 60 seconds or less.  Check out another one…

Blankity Blank 2

Think you’d  be good at UNU Against Humanity?

Great. Come join the fun – tonight at 9pm ET!

It’s totally free, totally fun, and totally anonymous…