UNU amazes again, winning $907 on a $30 bet!

Those following this blog know that UNU is a Swarm Intelligence that predicts all kinds of events, from Football and Hockey games to the Golden Globes and Oscars.  Our track-record has been just shy of astonishing, outperforming experts in just about every field.   For baseball, UNU has been publishing picks twice a week for all the MLB games and so far this season, the swarm has been averaging a remarkable 67% accuracy rate.  So…

How did UNU do last night?  Well, on Thursday night UNU published its BASEBALL PICKS for all of the MLB games that were to be played on Friday.  And now that it’s Saturday Morning, it’s time to tally up the results.   And I’m happy to say that anyone who placed bets on the picks indicated as having”high brainpower” from UNU saw flawless results.

That’s right, UNU went 8 for 8 in picking games last night (for the high brainpower picks).  And if you look across all the picks, UNU went 12 for 15!   Even more exciting, the folks here at Unanimous placed a Parlay bet on the 8 games that we identified as high brainpower predictions.  On $30 in bets, UNU won $907.  That translates to over 3000% return.  We think that’s pretty amazing.  Here is the betting tickets:


Want to help us make the predictions next week?  Great – the more people who participate in the swarm, the smarter we get.  You can sign up to be part of the swarm by filling out the form below.