UNU Baseball crushes Vegas with 74% ROI against the spread!

The results are in for UNU Baseball’s picks for August 26th and an amazing thing happened — the Swarm Intelligence was nearly perfect in picking games!  This is off the charts performance for any forecaster, anywhere – 12 recommended picks resulted in 11 correct and 1 incorrect.  And the one game that UNU missed, happened to be the closest game of the night, with Cincinnati falling to Arizona in the 12th inning.

That one game aside, the UNU Baseball Swarm correctly picked all the other 11 games.  So, what’s that mean financially for those brave enough to have bet with the swarm?  Well, if you bet all the recommended games as Straight Wagers, you would have landed a 68% ROI (i.e. $168 on a $100 bet).  That’s what I did because I always play it safe.  If you went Against the Spread on the four games that UNU recommended as ATS, you would have juiced that up to 74% ROI.  That’s not what I did, but now I wish I had.  And, if you did what Dr. Rosenberg did, the founder of Unanimous A.I., you would have simply taken those four top UNU predictions and bet a single $10 Parlay against the spread for those four games.  Here’s his ticket:

Parlay Win 8-26-16

That’s right, using the TOP FOUR PICKS  (as published on Thursday), he bet a  simple $10 Parlay – which paid $237.  In other words, using the four picks from UNU with the highest confidence, that bet achieved a massive 2268% ROI.  That’s pretty amazing, although now I bet he wishes he had risked more than just $10.  If only we had a crystal ball.  Wait, I think we kinda do, and it looks something like this:

Giants smaller

Swarm Predicting the Giants to Win

As for my humble bets, here are the tickets that show my 68% ROI, placing a straight wager on each of the UNU picks.   This may not be the sexy way to gamble, but it helps us track performance week after week, and so far UNU Baseball is crushing it.  Note, I should point out that I did not bet the Indian’s game (which was number 11 in the list) because they changed the pitcher after UNU had made his recommendation, but before the game was to start.  Because there was not time to ask UNU again based on the new pitcher, I did not bet.  I should have, because the Indians won. Still…

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.39.14 AM (1)

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.39.23 AM

To all the folks who logged in and spent 15 minutes, helping us make the picks – we crushed it!  And, as you know, we’re now making picks twice a week, so we should be having twice the fun.  Maybe next week we can actually run the table with a perfect set of picks.  It feels like it’s in striking distance.

One of the reasons the Swarm continues to do so well is because we have a great group of people who meet up every week inside UNU, and work together as a swarm to make the picks.  It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s anonymous. So, if you love baseball, we’d love to have you help out next week.

Just drop me a line at joe@unanimousai.com and I’d be thrilled to add you to the group.