Sportspicker AI from Unanimous continues to beat Vegas

The New York Yankees won a slugfest in Baltimore, smacking 5 homeruns in the process. Meanwhile, the Chicago White Sox rode ace pitcher Lucas Giolito to a win in Detroit. Both of those wins were predicted by Sportspicker AI, the new sports prediction service from Unanimous AI.

Here are the predictions that Sportspicker AI subscribers received yesterday. The Yankees were predicted to not only win, but to cover the 1.5-run spread. The White Sox and Diamondbacks were predicted to win straight up. And the Swarm AI model also expressed confidence in the Angels +1.5.

Sportspicker AI subscribers receive picks like these 3-5 times per week.  The predictions are made by leveraging Swarm AI technology to harness the knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuition of real people (sports fans) in real-time. But then the Swarm’s predictions are run through an AI model to select predictions that give subscribers an EDGE (defined as CONFIDENCE + ADVANTAGE). These are high confidence picks, in which the model predicts an advantage over published odds. High Edge Picks give subscribers the highest possible edge agains the odds, while Moderate Edge Picks have slightly less and are allocated 1/2 the betting amount in the AI model.

In last night’s action, Moderate Edge Picks, the Diamondbacks and Angels, both lost, But the High Edge Picks, with their 2x wager allocation, overcame to produce an ROI of 11.7% on single game bets. Users who placed a parlay on the Yankees and White Sox would have done even better.

Breaking down the picks a little bit, you can see how Sportspicker AI made its predictions.

  • The Swarm AI system had very high conviction that the Yankees would not only win, but win by 2+ runs. Because it had such strong 2-run confidence, the model predicted a HIGH EDGE at -1.5. When the Yankees ultimately won, a $100 bet paid $61 at the runline odds of -165, as opposed to $41 for a straight up win at -245.

  • On the other hand, the Swarm AI system believed Cincinnati would win behind Cy Young candidate Luis Castillo. But there was also some strong sentiment that Mike Trout and the Angels could pull the upset. That belief combined with the favorable odds of -105 caused the AI model to recommend the Angels as a MODERATE EDGE pick at +1.5. Although the Angels lost, wager losses were minimized for those who allocated 1/2 the betting amount, as recommended.

All in all, it was a good night. Sportspicker AI subscribers will take an 11.7% ROI any day!

If you’d like to learn more or subscribe to Sportspicker AI, just follow the link below. We’ll deliver our MLB picks to you at least 3x per week, and you will get to watch your bankroll grow.


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