6 Weeks into Tumultuous NFL Season, How Is Sportspicker AI Faring?

AI System Crushing Both Vegas and “Sharps” In What Looks to Be Very Profitable Season for Subscribers

Predicting NFL games against the spread is the toughest challenge there is for sports forecasters. Add in the uncertainty of COVID-19, and you might not expect 2020 to be a good season for handicappers, even good ones. So 6 weeks into the season, how is it going for Sportspicker AI?

The short answer is that it’s going quite well. Sportspicker AI’s picks are 23-19, which is 55% accurate. 55% is the benchmark for handicapping excellence for the NFL against the spread. Very few handicappers can maintain that level over a full season. Sportspicker finished right at 55% for the 2019 season. And after a bit of a slow start, the AI system is at 55% again this year. Here is a full recap of all the picks.

So how good is 55%? Well, let’s compare the Sportspicker performance with that of two other benchmarks: Vegas Favorites and Sharp Bettors. As you can see, Vegas Favorites started strong, but now sit at 46%, clearly losing money. But what’s maybe more surprising is that sharp bettors (Source: The Action Network) are doing even worse — 44% on the season. Clearly, Sportspicker AI is giving subscribers an edge.


But where this gets even more impressive is looking at $$ won and lost. The Sportspicker AI system assigns a 1-10 pick rating to each pick. When using a $100 betting unit per pick rating, Sportspicker AI subscribers have made $3,686 in just 6 weeks. Vegas Favorites and Sharp Bettors haven’t even broken even. Both have actually lost over $6,000!


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