Sportspicker AI Announces AI-Powered MLB Handicapping Service

After Red Hot Run Through European Soccer, Sportspicker AI Takes on the MLB, Just In Time For Opening Day

Congratulations, we all made it! After months of Netflix and ESPN 30 for 30s, real sports are back. Major League Baseball starts TODAY with Yankees-Nats and Dodgers-Giants, with all the other teams in action Friday.

The question is, are sports bettors ready? With 12-15 MLB games every day, it’s a challenge to be prepared? Will you know who to bet on and who to avoid? Will you have a betting strategy for seriously growing your bankroll?

That’s where Sportspicker AI comes in. Unlike traditional handicappers who rely on their gut, we use Swarm AI technology to make our picks. Swarm AI amplifies human intelligence, empowering groups to optimize their collective knowledge, wisdom, and intuition by forming real-time AI systems.

Sportspicker AI’s track record speaks for itself. The service had a very good 2019 MLB season. More recently, its Swarm AI system has been extremely dialed in for European soccer, specifically the German Bundesliga and English Premier League.

So Unanimous AI is very excited to launch Sportspicker AI for MLB 2020. Subscribers will receive 40-60 picks every week. The best value is the 2020 Season Pass, which gets members every single game in the regular season and postseason.

The Season Pass is on a special PRESALE price for a limited time.  Weekly and monthly subscriptions are available as well. All the options are available here.

Is it worth it? Well, in 2019, Sportspicker AI’s combination of straight up and runline picks was 311-221 for 58.5% accuracy, which is excellent. For comparison’s sake, the top MLB handicapper on hit just 53.6% in 2019. Here’s a look at the 2019 results in detail.

And keep in mind, Sportspicker AI now has a full year of experience under its belt. 58.5% accuracy is the baseline. There’s no reason to believe the picks won’t be even MORE accurate this season. Especially when you take into account the success in European soccer since the post-COVID restart. 15-9 (62.5%) in German Bundesliga. 27-15 (63.4%) in English Premier League.

This MLB season will be different than any that has ever been played. All teams will play a 60-game schedule. This will be a sprint, not the usual 162-game marathon. So don’t stand on the sidelines. Get in on the action early and take advantage of the Sportspicker AI edge! And don’t forget, the special PRESALE. Click the button to learn more.


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