Sportspicker AI Posts ‘Unlikely’ 3-0 Day in NBA, Extends to 12-4 Record Since Restart

AI System Dialed In as NBA Play Returns, Subscribers Enjoying Profitable Run

Sportspicker AI’s NBA picks were a perfect 3-0 Tuesday. On the surface, that’s great. The fact that the AI system netted 1,370 units is also fantastic. But it’s not the headline.

The headline is that the service achieved these results Tuesday, on a day when most NBA bettors lost money. According to The Action Network, the majority of dollars wagered on Sportspicker AI’s 3 recommended games was on the AI picks’ opponents, making the Sportspicker AI picks of Brooklyn, Indiana and Miami contrarian plays. But all 3 turned out to be accurate.

  • Brooklyn (+18.5) vs. Milwaukee – 41% of money wagered was on Brooklyn. Brooklyn not only covered the spread, but won the game outright.
  • Indiana vs. Orlando – 38% of the money was on Indiana. Indiana won by 9.
  • Miami (+3.5) vs. Boston – 15% of money was on Miami. Miami won the game outright.

That’s the power of Sportspicker AI. Not every day is going to be perfect, like Tuesday was. But subscribers can rest assured that the service is not just following the crowd or relying on our gut. Every day, we use our Swarm AI system to combine real-time human intelligence with AI algorithms to deliver our picks. The results have been speaking for themselves.

Since the NBA restart, the Sportspicker AI picks are 12-4 (75%) accurate. Not only that, the picks have been profitable as well, returning 2,965 units on individual game bets. Tuesday alone produced 1,370 units. Here is a summary of Tuesday’s picks.


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P.S. The Sportspicker AI – NHL picks have are also off to a nice start at 4-2. And the MLB picks have started off 16-13. Feel free to check them out as well.

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