Human Swarms Love Leo

And who can blame them? Look at that face. 

Followers of our blog will know that human swarms using UNU have been eerily accurate in predicting the outcomes of pop culture events like the Super Bowl and the Oscars. UNU allows groups of fans to pool their wit and wisdom to answer questions or make predictions on any topic.

Predicting the Golden Globes presents a unique challenge, because there isn’t a lot of information floating around about who the favorites are in any of the categories. So, if a swarm using UNU is able to do well in predicting an event like this, it will be a testament its efficiency in drawing out good information from a large group of users.

Here’s what it looks like when 32 users think together in UNU.

Revenant Best Pic GG

And, for the record, here are UNU’s picks for the Golden Globes:

UNU swarms are forming on topics of every kind. If you’d like an invite to the Beta program, just drop us a line below. 

Jennifer Lawrence in Joy, UNU’s pick for Best Motion Picture, Comedy