Sportspicker AI Nails Super Bowl LIV Prediction

AI Model Concludes Remarkable Postseason Run

The NFL crowned its champion Sunday as Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs capped off a magical season with a Super Bowl victory and Super Bowl MVP for Mahomes. Sportspicker AI also wrapped up the NFL Playoffs with a bang, as its final prediction of the season came to fruition when the Chiefs won the game 31-20 and covered the -1 spread in the process.

As we wrote prior to the Super Bowl, Sportspicker AI was already on a terrific run through the NFL Playoffs, going 6-3 on our picks prior to the big game Sunday. Nailing Super Bowl LIV brings that total to 7-3 and a scintilating 225% ROI for the Playoffs. As you can see from this chart, any Sportspicker AI member who started the NFL playoffs with $1,000, saw their bankroll balloon to $3,252 after the Super Bowl.

To recap… Wild Card Weekend. Sportpicker AI stubbed its toe this first weekend, going 1-2, including a heartbreaking miss by 1-point on the Buffalo Bills. If your bankroll had been $1,000, it would have been reduced to $616, thanks to the -38.4% ROI.

Divisional Round. Sportspicker AI had a great rebound this weekend. The AI model was 3-1, returning members 44.9% ROI. So that $616 bankroll climbed back up to $892.

Conference Championship games. Sportspicker AI was a perfect 2 for 2, and Sportspicker AI members enjoyed a whopping 90.9% return on investment. So that $892 bankroll ballooned up to $1,704. Then the Super Bowl bet returned another 90.9%, taking the bankroll all the way to $3,252. BOOM.

Beyond the Super Bowl game itself, we also published predictions on several prop bets. The Sportspicker AI model’s predictions went 10 out of 17, which yielded a 12.2% return on investment, which is a pretty nice payday. You can see the AI Model’s answers in the chart below. These predictions were published on our blog BEFORE Super Bowl LIV.

But really, 10 of 17 doesn’t sound that great. Or does it?

We also surveyed 453 people on these same predictions. How did they do? Well, of the 453 people surveyed, less than 15% got more than 10 predictions correct. That means that 85% weren’t able to beat the AI model. In fact, the average participant hit on 8.43 predictions correct. And if we took the most popular answer for each question (aka, the Wisdome of Crowds), the Crowd only hit on 7 of 17 questions.

The point is clear: There is a big advantage to our subscribers, who use our AI model picks to make sports bets, rather than go it alone.


Now that the NFL season has concluded, we are also working on an analysis of the FULL SEASON of NFL predictions. Check back at this blog for a post on that soon! In the meantime, don’t forget that Sportspicker AI has great packages available for NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, and EPL Soccer. The AI Model is remarkably well calibrated for all 3, so now is the time to join us. Click the button below to learn more.

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