Sportspicker AI Guide to the NFL Playoffs

Sportspicker AI Generates Optimized Forecast for Every NFL Playoff Team

The NFL Playoffs have arrived and with them, a full slate of tantalizing matchups for NFL fans and bettors alike. Because the NFL has moved to a reseeding system rather than a fixed bracket, it’s not possible to generate a complete set of game predictions, but that won’t stop Sportspicker AI from producing a full set of AI-optimized insights for the NFL playoffs.

Sportspicker AI is the only sports intelligence technology to combine real-time human insights with AI algorithms for amplified forecasting accuracy. Sports fans have used the  Sportspicker intelligence service to generate positive returns, as the AI-driven forecasts have come very close to meeting the 55% gold-standard for NFL forecasting accuracy. Sportspicker AI finished the regular season with a 95-80 record Against the Spread, for a 54.3% record. That accuracy puts Sportspicker AI in the highest echelons of forecasting This consistent, season-long performance suggests that Sportspicker AI’s strong tradition of NFL postseason accuracy (including a perfect run through the playoffs and a perfect Super Bowl final score prediction ) will continue.


For the 2019/20 NFL Playoffs, Sportspicker AI generated a probabilistic ranking of each team’s chances to win their conference and the Super Bowl. Then, using each team’s Vegas odds, the AI identifies a few places where its algorithms find value in the underdogs and longshots.

Up first is the Scaled Ranking chart for the NFC. As you can see, the AI puts the New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers in a virtual heat for most likely to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. One interpretation of these predictions is Sportspicker AI’s recognition that the NFL remains a quarterback-driven league, and the Saints and 49ers are led by excellent quarterbacks at opposite ends of the experience spectrum.

Over in the AFC, a similar story of merges, although it’s the record-breaking upstart quarterbacks in Baltimore and Kansas City who are given the edge over Tom Brady and the Patriots. Here Sportspicker AI gives Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens, who placed 12 players in the Pro Bowl, the most since the undefeated 1973 Dolphins, the best chance to win the AFC.

These charts are produced via an iterative methodology which repeatedly compares and ranks each team’s chances to win its conference and, ultimately, the Super Bowl. This Support Density Map shows how the AI interprets the data it sees when considering the question of “Which team is more likely to win the NFC?” between New Orleans and San Francisco. As the chart makes clear, neither team generates High Confidence support to speak of, and the AI-optimized output is a Low Confidence pick of New Orleans.

Running these questions repeatedly enables the Sportspicker AI to generate a complete forecast for each playoff team’s chances to win the Super Bowl. A full ranking of those 12 teams is available in the chart below. Here, too, Lamar Jackson and the red-hot Ravens, winners of 12 straight en route to a franchise-record 14 victories, top the AI-optimized chart with a 25% chance to win the Super Bowl.

Finally, Sportspicker AI generated a set of Best Bets derived from finding the greatest disparities between the AI’s forecast for a particular team’s chances, and its Vegas odds. Four of those bets are as follows:

  • New Orleans to win NFC (+250) – 2.7 pick rating
  • New Orleans to win Super Bowl (+600) – 1.6 pick rating
  • New England to win AFC (+750) – 1.0 pick rating
  • Seattle to win NFC (+1500) – 0.4 pick rating


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