NFL Playoffs Prediction Experiment

Over the past few weeks, groups of average fans have made some incredibly accurate predictions about the NFL and College Football Playoffs using a concept called Swarm Intelligence. If you’ve never heard of it, Swarm Intelligence allows groups to combine their knowledge and wisdom,  answering questions together, at the same time.  Game after game, the results shows – many minds are better than one!

How much better?  We put these “swarms” to the test by pitting groups of average fans against the experts at ESPN and FiveThirtyEight:

  • The Swarm is a perfect 8-0 in the NFL Playoffs. (Crushing both ESPN and FiveThirtyEight)
  • The Swarm nailed 7 out of 10 College Bowl Games. (Crushing both ESPN and FiveThirtyEight)

How does a group of fans make a prediction together?  The clip below shows a prediction in process, each magnet controlled by a different user, logged in from all around the country.  Together they move the glass puck and make the prediction.  It’s fast and fun, but mostly… it’s been very accurate!

Arizona Packers

But we want BIGGER SWARMS!  After all, it should give more amazing predictions.  So please… help us crush the ESPN experts by clicking in the big blue button below.  It will take you into UNU and allow you to help us make new predictions.  It’s fast, free, and totally anonymous.

Want to participate in future Swarms?  Just sign up below..