Sportspicker AI Crushes the Bundesliga

In First Weekend of Bundesliga Predictions, Sportspicker AI Produces 39.3% ROI

As you may know, Sportspicker AI for Bundesliga launched last week. The Bundesliga is the most prestigious professional soccer leage in Germany. And Sportspicker AI subscribers received picks for the 9 matches played last weekend.

Specifically, Sportspicker AI recommended wagers on 4 matches in which the AI system found an edge over the sportsbooks’ odds. Those 4 wagers went 3-1, with a 39.3% ROI. That means if you wagered $1,000, you ended the weekend with $1,393. Not bad for a weekend of watching sports. Here is a summary of the picks.

It’s not too late to get in on the Bundesliga action, but you are running out of time. There are just five weeks remaining, which means five more sets of picks. We’ve got a special deal if you want to receive all five sets. Or feel free to go week-to-week. This weekend’s matches start Friday June 5. So click the button below to check out the options!

Remember, all the major sportsbooks take wagers on Bundesliga. And the games are aired on Fox Sports. It’s a blast. Click the button NOW to learn more.




Probability Analysis sent to subscribers last week:


The chart above compares the PUBLISHED ODDS to the OPTIMIZED ODDS generated by the Sportspicker AI system. We plot the published odds with an X and the Sportspicker AI odds with an S, the dotted line between showing the difference. This difference is referred to as the EDGE, the larger the edge the bigger advantage against published odds.

To maximize returns (ROI), the odds must be considered. We use a modified version of the Kelly Criterion to rate each game for maximal returns. We call this the PICK RATING and it’s provided as a number from 0 to 5, where 5 is the best possible pick.

The Pick Ratings are given in the last column on the right, the higher the rating the better the pick for maximizing returns. Our AI engine simulates bets across all games listed, scaling the size of the bets by the pick rating. This is how we optimize ROI over time.

Our guidance is to allocate your bankroll according to the pick ratings. So a 2.6 pick rating would be allocated 2.6 units from your bankroll, etc.

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