Sportspicker AI Crushes Vegas in First Month, Expands Service to Include Full Probablistic Forecasts

One month of results are in the books. After its first full month of making MLB predictions, Sportspicker AI from Unanimous has established itself as an invaluable tool for sports forecasting. Sportspicker AI is the only Sports Intelligence service powered by Swarm AI technology, and its AI engine has demonstrated strong predictive accuracy over the first five weeks, consistently outperforming the win rate of published Vegas favorites, as seen below.

Yesterday, August 22 was a particularly hot night for Sportspicker AI’s slate of recommended MLB picks were a perfect 10-0.  Our predictive model, which wagers on a each of the games individually, scaled by our published Pick Rating, enjoyed a 69.5% ROI.  Here are the perfect picks, and relative weightings:

Of course, some subscribers like to combine the Sportspicker AI recommendations into parlays. One savvy Sportspicker AI subscriber leveraged the recommended picks to place this parlay, which produced a 3,040% ROI.

How does it work? Subscribers now receive a full set of probabilistic forecasts for ALL GAMES each day. These forecasts show the predicted odds generated by our AI engine, vs the published odds for all games, and quantifies the value of each with a Pick Rating. Here is an example of what subscribers receive. This is the probablistic Forecast for August 22.

These charts compare the PUBLISHED ODDS to the OPTIMIZED ODDS generated by the Sportspicker AI system. We plot the published odds with an X and the Sportspicker AI odds with an S, the dotted line between showing the difference. This difference is referred to as the EDGE, the larger the edge the bigger advantage against published odds.

Of course, when predicting against published odds, picking winners is just part of the equation. To maximize returns (ROI), the odds must be considered. We use a modified version of the Kelly Criterion to rate each game for maximal returns. We call this the PICK RATING and it’s provided as a number from 0 to 5, where 5 is the best possible pick.

The Pick Ratings are given in the last column on the right, the higher the rating the better the pick for maximizing returns. Our AI engine simulates bets across all games listed, scaling the size of the bets by the pick rating. This is how we optimize ROI over time.

How do subscirbers make all this intelligence actionable? When making individual wagers against published odds, we recommend comparing the two options for each game (STRAIGHT or RUNLINE) and selecting the option that has the higher Pick Rating.

This gives a single set of picks across all the games analyzed. Then, for optimized returns, our simulated wagering model places bets proportional to the pick rating. That’s the magic of the AI model combined with the Kelly Criterion.

Sportspicker AI subscribers receive picks like these 3-5 times per week.  The predictions are made by leveraging Swarm AI technology to harness the knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuition of real people (sports fans) in real-time.

If you’d like to learn more or subscribe to Sportspicker AI, just follow the link below. We’ll deliver our MLB picks to you at least 3x per week, and you will get to watch your bankroll grow.


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