Study Shows AI can Predict High Performing Teams

New Study from researchers at Cal Poly and Unanimous AI shows that AI algorithms modeled on biological swarms can more accurately predict the impact of personality on team performance than current methods.

A new study to be presented at the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Transdisciplinary AI (TransAI), showed that a unique AI technology modeled on biological swarms could be used to accurately predict which business teams would be high performing based on the personality of the individual members. The paper, entitled Measuring Group Personality with Swarm AI, was a collaboration between researchers at Unanimous AI and California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly).

The study was performed using 94 business teams, each tasked with taking a standard personality test called the Big Five Inventory (BFI). This test was administered two ways, either as a standard online survey or using a unique technology called Swarm AI that enables teams to answer questions together in real time as a collaborative system that converges upon optimal combinations of their input. Standard BFI tests are currently the most common way that HR departments predict if teams will be high performing.

The results showed that Swarm AI technology was significantly more accurate in predicting which teams would be high performing than traditional survey methods. Furthermore, the Swarm AI method was found to be significantly more accurate in predicting which teams would be more cohesive, have more group satisfaction, encounter less conflict, and more effectively achieve outcomes.

These results are consistent with other recent studies showing that networked human teams, when working together using Swarm AI technology, can combine their views and opinions more effectively than traditional methods, enabling more accurate decisions, forecasts, evaluations and prioritizations. In a study recently conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine, groups of radiologists used Swarm AI to collaboratively diagnose chest x-rays. Published results showed a 33% reduction in diagnostic errors when using Swarm AI. In another recent study, business teams were tested on a standard IQ test using Swarm AI and were shown to increase their effective IQ by 14 points.

“The Swarm AI platform allows us to comprise a group personality score that is more predictive of key teamwork outcomes than traditional methods,” says Assistant Professor Dr. David Askay of Cal Poly’s Communication Studies Department. “This is a promising avenue for quickly assessing the capabilities of teams.”

“This was a fascinating study,” says Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Chief Scientist of Unanimous AI, “as it shows we can connect the members of a team together using Swarm AI, have them collaboratively take a standard BFI personality test, and accurately forecast how well that team will work together. It’s remarkable.”

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Unanimous AI is the maker of Swarm®, the world’s first forecasting platform that amplifies the intelligence of networked teams, and Sportspicker™, a premier sports intelligence service. In 2018, Swarm AI technology from Unanimous was recognized as SXSW’s 2018 “AI Innovation of the Year.” Unanimous’ pioneering work in this area is funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) #NSFFUNDED.

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