Sportspicker AI for the NFL – Season Performance Through Five Weeks

An In-Depth Look at the First Five Weeks of the NFL Season

Another fall weekend is upon us, and that can only mean football. The Sportspicker AI team will be leveraging our Swarm AI system to generate Week 6 picks TODAY, and distributing them to our members TONIGHT.

Maybe you’ve considered subscribing to the Sportspicker AI – NFL picksbut something is holding you back. Maybe you wonder if our AI model sounds too good to be true. Maybe you want to be more sure before signing up.

Well, one thing we know is that most handicappers are NOT transparent. They cherry pick their results to show them in the best light. They only talk about their wins and omit the losses.

We aim to be different. First of all, we don’t claim results that are too good to be true. Our claim is this:

Over the course of a full season, the Swarm AI system that powers Sportspicker AI will outperform individual experts.

Using Sportspicker AI, you will simply do better than if you go it alone or subscribe to an individual handicapper.

Now, in the name of full transparency, we are sharing our unvarnished results since the start of the NFL season. We purposely skipped Week 1 because it tends to be so volatile. But for Weeks 2-5, we are 25-18 against the spread, for a 58.1% accuracy rate.


The question is this: Is 58.1% any good? After all, there are touts out there claiming 60%, 65%, even 70%. But statistically speaking, achieving 70% or even 65% is almost impossible, over the course of a full season. The probability of a handicapper hitting 70% is actually one in a billion, so watch out for claims like this. Realistically, the benchmark for skilled handicappers is 55%, which we have exceeded thus far.

58.1% might not sound that much higher than 55%, but that level of performance is pretty rare, and that difference will have a material affect on your bankroll. So this is an excellent start to the season. Our goal is to sustain or even improve upon this rate, as we ingest more data and fine-tune the AI model.

Going beyond the won-loss record, return on investment is what really matters. How much is your bankroll growing? The standard sportsbook charges a 10% vig, so 50% won-loss is actually a money loser — you have to be above 52.4% to make money. You can see below that our ROI is a healthy 7.3% (after vig) thus far. If a sports gambler grows their bankroll at 7.3% each week across a full NFL season, they would triple their money. That’s an impressive return.

To summarize, we are very pleased with the Sportspicker AI – NFL results. We’re sure there will be ups and downs, but we’re feeling good about the performance so far and our potential to achieve impressive returns across the full season.

If you’d like to join us, you can click this button to view NFL packages and signup. We have weekly, monthly, and full season packages available.


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